- The most important reason to use Mevo was that we had to find a means to communicate effectively with the employees that actually sell our products out in the stores.

Fredrik Mandt
Marketing Manager for Amer Sports Norway

Amer Sports Norway sells sports and recreation brands such as Salomon, Wilson, Arc’teryx, Atomic, Mavic, and Suunto. They have been with Mevo since the beginning, and were very involved in the design and content of the app and competition.

In close cooperation with Mevo, they created a running contest where the number of kilometers ran were recorded. From 16 stores, two people were chosen. They were active runners, and the stores involved were either specialist shops or shops with a special focus on top-echelon runners.

Amer Sports Norway had chosen a premium brand from Salomon for the campaign, the skyrunning / terrain shoe S/Lab. S/Lab is Salomon's chief concept, developed with the help of  some of the country's best athletes. S/Lab is associated not only with cross-country running, but also with cross-country and alpine skiing.

For Salomon and Amer Sports Norway,  it was important to not spread out, but to focus in on the best and most important stores and selling their top product there.

With Salomon,  Amer Sports chose a slightly special campaign, with more focus on the sellers themselves being active in and creating their own experiences with Salmon's products.

The aim was partly to motivate salespeople to evoke their love for the sport of running, but also to show that the shoes are of the highest quality for the most demanding and conscious runners. Thus, it was not a pure sales promotion targeted at customers, but rather a method to build up knowledge and credibility with sellers.


171 comprehension tests including 855 questions have been passed.


32 participants competed for a starting place in Tromsø Skyrace


- The stores' employees have experienced this as a completely unique way to deal with branding and training. It's a much more motivating way to do it, to say the least. Especially when it comes to products with a lot of technical information, we see a big advantage using Mevo's tools.

Fredrik Mandt,
Marketing Director, Amer Sports Norway

Amer Sports had also fulfilled another objective of this campaign. They were able to make internal training - both in terms of product, and not least, in relation to the brand -  more systematic. It was a great advantage to be able to meet people on a platform where they spend the most time, on mobile phones, and be able to have interaction with users outside regular working hours.

The experiences from the Salomon campaign were very good. Now the second phase begins. The idea is to continue the campaign for more of Amer's brands in the portfolio. The next brand out is Suunto, a technically demanding brand.

If one is looking for activities,  both cross-country and alpine skiing, along with terrain and summit activities, lend themselves very well to this type of campaign. The Salomon S/Lab campaign was narrowly focused on a single product aimed at a small demographic. Now the tool is adaptable for both fairly narrow markets, like specialized sporting goods stores, and for a more broad spectrum of stores and large customer groups.


- I thought it was cool that half of it was quiz-based. You were forced to look up information for yourself, it wasn't just tossed in your lap. I felt that I learned more this way. We are two colleagues from the store here, and we both are active runners, so we challenged one another and stayed ahead of the competition. It was a good arrangement.

Lars Johan Fredriksson-Bjanes, Sport1 Storgata Oslo

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