- The campaign with Mevo opened up new opportunities to reach out to the sales force of Miele Norge. We connect with retailers in a way that works best for them. And we have a swiftness in communication that is new to our branch.

Stian Normann-Arvesen
Sales Director, Miele Norway

There is hardly a home in Norway that does not have a Miele product in a cabinet or on a shelf. Miele manufactures ovens and microwave ovens, ventilators, refrigerators and freezers, dishwashers and washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and a wide range of cleaning products and accessories.

The brand Miele is represented in every appliance chain in the country, and therefore has a major challenge when it comes to being able to have a continuous and direct contact with sales operations in all their stores.

Miele Norge chose one chain for its pilot campaign, which then covered the entire country. They ran a broad competition based on sales within each product category, as well as a number of quizzes about Miele and its products. The sales competition gave points per sale, and participants had to complete the entire quiz section in order to collect all the points.

The goal was to create a greater engagement in the stores. A survey done by the pilot campaign shows that the participants in the competition thought it was both inspiring and informative to participate.

In the future, Miele Norge wishes to run an even more tailored program, where competitions and quizzes are related to the actual range of Miele products of which each store holds. The goal is to help ensure that customers meet knowledgeable and dedicated representatives.


- We see that Mevo's communication platform is good, with monitoring and surveillance in order to control the communication more frequently and accurately.

Stian Normann-Arvesen
Sales Director, Miele Norway

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