- My staff and I thought it was great fun. It awakened the competitive spirit in us - I'm going to beat her there! We have only positive experiences. It was fun to be able to follow along and see that it worked - it was very motivating for us.

June Emilie Heimdal
Store Manager Gullfunn Trondheim Torg

Komono is an international trademark for watches and sunglasses, which are sold under the slogan "the perfect blend of vision and timing." Behind the brand stands a Belgian designer collective. Interest in the brand has taken off in recent years, thanks largely to Komono values: Contemporary design, good quality and nice price. The company has sales in over 100 countries worldwide.

Komono is sold in Norway by DMA Agency AS. The company started with just four employees two years ago, and has had explosive growth with great success for its international brands of fashion and design accessories.

When they wanted to import the Komono brand to Norway, the desire was to create visibility for potential Komono customers. Usually it means that in order to incorporate a new brand, you have to spend a lot of time and resources on promotional material, advertising, and meetings with chains. As a rule, one then only meets the general manager or purchasing director, not those who actually sell the products to the stores' customers.



– It is both difficult and expensive to connect with retailers. But at the same time very important. We need to spread awareness and engagement. That way we also do a good job for our customers.

Dag Markus Andreassen, General Manager and Owner of DMA Agency AS

DMA has several distribution centers, and works with fashion boutiques, design shops, watchmakers, and opticians. With Komono, they chose to focus on the jewelery chain Gullfunn. Gullfunn has around fifty stores across the country, and DMA concentrated on four stores to attempt the project. Since this is not a traditional mark of a jeweler, DMA was committed to educating employees at Gullfunn on the history and background of what Komono stands for.

In cooperation with Mevo,  a simple quiz competition was made where the employees had to answer questions about the brand and products. There was also a competition in actual sales of Komono products. There, the sellers could plot their sales directly in the app. The two combined competitions resulted in points - and a satisfied winner.

DMA had no history of sales at Gullfunn since they were new customers. But the figures show that they sold well in the period the project was in progress. But more importantly - after the project was completed, the figures show that Komono continues to sell well, more than if they had not run the project, as you can see from the figures and experiences with other brands. As for the staff at Gullfunn, the competition was an extra motivation and a great kickoff with the new brand in the store.

In DMA, they are already planning new activities with the other brands the company sells. In a competitive market with many big brand names, it is important that those who work in the stores have good knowledge of the products they sell. With Mevo's solution, DMA collected all the information they needed. Gullfunn was also satisfied because they saw that this had a huge impact on sales.

– There are very many opportunities here. We see that this is something we can take with us to our other customers. You can run this system in just one store or an entire chain. For us, this has been a huge plus.

Dag Markus Andreassen,
General Manager and Owner
DMA Agency AS

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