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– The impact of what we do is not over the day the competition ends. My father is still brand ambassador for one of his old favorites - over 30 years after he quit the tire industry.

Kent R. Bråthen General Manager & Advisor, MEVO

In-Store sales contests

To arrange sales contests in stores can be a very effective way to create good sales results. Awaken the winner's instinct among sellers wanting to outdo each other and stores refusing to lose to "archrivals" in other stores. Both glory and great prizes are incentives that can really get sellers to kick it in to high gear.

Knowledge of products and brands drive sales, so make sure the participants are learning something they can use when they sell. Sellers who like your brand and are familiar with the products are more likely to showcase your models when the customer is in search of a new winter jacket or a washing machine.

If you only have 2 or 4 weeks in the sales contest, you must use your time wisely. Here are 5 questions you may want to ask yourself when organizing a sales contest:

What are we doing to ensure that everyone gets the right information at the right time?

Information and well executed pdf files will often go through several stages before they reach the people who work in the stores. It is important that participants are well informed about what is going to take place, so find out how you can make sure that the information reaches them efficiently. Promote it. Create a buzz and inspire the team. A perfect opportunity to launch a campaign can for example be at a kick-off shortly before the campaign starts. Knocking on doors and a few extra phone calls in the final hours before the start can also be a good idea. Customer visits and any additional phones the last time before the start can also be fooled. Then you can easily get an indication of whether "everyone" is well informed and, not least, motivated.

What types of rewards will motivate as many people as possible to make an extra effort?

It's all about getting as many people to participate as possible. If only a few feel they have a real opportunity to win prizes, you will probably find that there won't be many who are particularly engaged in your contest. But at the same time, one should not forget that it is important to galvanize the best.  If you use a variety of reward levels and combinations, you can get more people to see chances to win prizes if they just go that extra mile.

Here are some reward options you can consider:

  • Top 3 - prizes for the best
  • Best Shop - participants win as a team and everyone must contribute
  • Best District - give department heads an extra reason to push your competition
  • 10 sales win a prize - set a goal and give prizes to everyone who acheives it
  • Best manager - have your own sellers compete against each other
  • Trivia Prizes - for completed product quizes, for instance

Consider whether you should distinguish between large and small stores as well. Is it fair that the small compete on the same terms as the large? Is it necessary to weigh by size, or to measure the average per employee?

What is our message and how do we send it?

Don't hold back on the good stories. Make your brand something extraordinary for the milieu, or if you have a particularly funny story - be sure to get it out. Sellers who follow up on the customer and stores often know something about what information and training is needed for the store employees.
Once you've determined what you want to convey you must figure out how to get it out there.

How can we ensure good follow-up during the contest period?

Follow-up during the contest period is important. Learn how you can measure activity and sales as frequently as possible and find out who will be involved in the follow-up. If you have an overview  you can also customize the follow-up and make adjustments along the way. This can be a fantastic way for them to familiarize themselves further with their customers, so use it for all it's worth.

How do we reflect efforts and good results?

Those who deserve it must be highlighted and celebrated. Use the channels you have and make sure that everybody has received the information. Oftentimes the victory as just as important as the prize. Give a pat on the back to those who deserve it both during the competition and after the results are clear. Make sure everyone is rewarded and praised before the end.

The answer to several of these questions may seem quite obvious to many. Our experience is that often it is this that makes the difference between success and failure.



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